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This is the site of M. Henry Anableps.

The stories below are found on Jeff Weston's Never-ending Story site, an open story board that allows authors to extend the story indefinitely.  The storylines in the summaries below have had contributions from multiple authors.

Four branches of the story are described in the links below:

The Steingeweser episodes were mostly written in 2009, and this branch of the story was still active in January 2010.  Lord Fred finds a band of fugitives in the Dragon's backyard and joins Thomas of Alkamore, Princess Astra, and others in the band to overthrow the Dragon.  Things do not go according to plan, and the Princess assumes a strange but not horrible form as a steingeweser.  She tries to get home to summon help for the fugitives, and to bring home the Dragon's horde.


In the Checkers episodes, Lord Fred meets an old man on the outskirts of the dragon's lair and asks for a companion to help in his quest to slay the dragon.  Little does he know that he gets Checkers, a fairly unremarkable woman if you can ignore her set of wings.  And the fact that she cannot see blue light.  And the fact that the history and customs of her people are completely alien to Fred...

In the Hespaniard episodes, a Lord Fred with a few character flaws such cowardice plays a secondary role as he wishes for the most beautiful woman in the world, after fleeing his original quest.  He lands on a Hespaniard beach outside of Corona, a luxurious port city.  His wish is fulfilled by the appearance of an extremely annoyed Astra, Princess and Swordmistress of Aqualaria.  They try to pass themselves off as citizens of states friendly to Hespan, only to find that the political situation in Hespan is ever-mercurial... I have not written the summary page for this yet.

In the Vjorican episodes, the half-magic, half-mundane city of Vjorica is suffering from the tensions that one would expect in a divided city.  Castellan and a small clique of powers intrigue against the White Hand, and Lord Fred and Irena literally land right in the middle of it all.

Here are some field notes for Gliders, including naming convention, language peculiarities, and the relative social prestige of wing patterns.  None of this is canonical for the NEQ story - this is merely my idea of how Glider society might function, and other authors may have their own interesting interpretations.

In 35782, there is an episode involving a chess match where Lord Fred and his companions play the role of pieces.  This is what the board looks like after the episode.  In one line in the story, the group is on the verge of defeat when Susan thwarts a certain win, lending new meaning to the term 'sacrifice.'  The position after episode 36003.